Re: A paradoxon? ...or Ian McColl, how old are you? ;-)

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Posted by Ian McColl on August 10, 2001 at 10:15:54:

In Reply to: A paradoxon? ...or Ian McColl, how old are you? ;-) posted by Atame on August 08, 2001 at 17:57:07:

Hi Atame; Firstly , I cannot tell you what an Authentic Stotz completely looks like or how it was manufactured, I have never had one or held one in my hands. All I have ever seen of a Stotz is a photo in the Houdini historical museum broucher and a photocopy of one layed on it's side. My reproduction is just that, a reproduction, not a replica. I hand made a pattern construction of both steel and brass components to be used as a pattern for casting a complete steel unit. What I can tell you about mine is that it is investment cast, the original (for it's era) should have be sand cast and then cleaned ( hand filed and possibly polished)The original's bow notches would have been cast into the piece, where as with mine the notches on the bow pattern were milled. This has already been noted by Mr Steve Santini who (like all collectors), is well acquainted with alll forms of metal machine manufacturing of both the past and present. many techiniques that were once used have been dropped now and in some case the real technique has been lost as an art.

My cuff has a left hand thread 20 TPI and spare keys I have made to this thread do work other original Stotz cuffs, so the only thing that is the same between the both cuffs is the thread and that it is left hand,
As I said I am not familiar with how the lock was constructed only the mechanism. My cuff has an internal bush bearing the square hole for the locking bolt to run through. this has been inset into the lock tube and staked there.
From the photocopy I have of an original, there are two rivets which appear at the base of the lock tube, I assume that the lock and the stock (frame) of Stotz were two seperate pieces, and they have been riveted together. This would make sense as the square hole for the locking bolt could then been cast directly into the lock tube as both ends would have been available without the undercutting which would occur if the stock was attached.

The bolt bush in my cuff is set back approx 10mm (3/8")from the end of the tube.

I hope this information assists you. I would like to see a photograph of the cuff you have but as scans do not show enough detail, maybe you could post me the actual photo.

There are not many reproductions of any cuffs out there but if you think you may encounter one in your travels, knowledge of maunfacturing methods and assembly techniques is the answer. BUT do this will all handcuffs not just the ones that interest you. Most people what the knowledge AFTER they have made their purchase not before.



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