The Handcuff Gallery

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Unknown 8
Unknown 8 Mid 20th century ?
Unknown Irish 8
Unknown Irish 8 Early 20th
Unknown Asian Darby
Small size, but heavy
Hong Kong? 1940s-50s Hong Kong?
Belgian? Handcuffs
Unknown Belgian? 1950s ? Belgium?
Unknown Backstrap Darby Backstrap Late 1800s? UK
Unknown "Ball" Darby Ball Darby 1800? ?
Unknown Chain Handcuff Unknown chain handcuff Early 1900s? Germany?
Unknown Folding Handuff Folding Cuff 19320-30s? Germany?

Unknown Handcuff
from Finland
Findland 1930-40s? Finland
Unknown Handcuffs
possibly Gill
Unknown Handcuffs 1930s? USA?
Unknown Heavy Darby
Heavy Darby ? ?
Unknown Russian
Bottom Key
german bottom key 1930s? Russia
Unknown German
Bottom Key with
"Official markings"
bottom key 1940s? Germany
Unknown Generic
Peerless Style Handcuffs
Generic 1970s? Japan
Unknown Handcuffs Unknown Handcuffs Mid 1900s? ?
"L.F.H." Irish 8.
Irish 8 Early 1900s? UK?
19th Century Handcuffs
Unknown Handuffs Early 20th
Unknown Padlocking 8 Padlocking handcuff Late 1800s? USA
Unknown Padlocking Handcuffs Padlocking handcuff Late 1800s? USA
Unknown Russian
russian 2 1950s? Russia
Unknown South African South African 1970s? South Africa
Walden Walden 1918 USA
Wood Chain Handcuff Wood 1913 USA
Wood Inspired
Chain Handcuff
Wood copy ? USA?
Yamaguchi yamaguchi 1950s? Japan

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