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Indian Adjustable
Indian Adjustable Later 1900s India
Indian? Adjustable
Darby Adjustable Later 1900s India
Indian Darby Indian darby Later 1900s India
Indian Flexible Darby Flexible Later 1900s India
 Iver Johnson Iver Johnson 1880s USA

JGA - German
Darley Style Handcuff
jga germany 1930s? Germany
JGA - Japanese
Darley Style Handcuff
jga japan 1930s? Japan
Judd Judd handcuff 1904 USA
Kayser Kaiser late 1940s? Germany
Kayser Kaiser 1950s Germany
Konepaja Voima
Swing Through Model
table konepaja voima swing through 1930s Finland
Konepaja Voima
Solid Model
Konepaja voima solid 1930s Finland
La Massenotte La Massenotte 1940s France
La Pegy La Pegy 1950s France
Laska Folding Handcuffs Laska 1970s? Russian
Lips lips 1950s? Netherlands
Deutsche Polizei Style
lips 1970s? (Netherlands)
 Lovell Lovell 1890s ? USA

LaTrobe Handcuff Company
LTH 1980s UK
Maltby Flat Key
Original Double Width Model
Maltby original 1901 USA
Maltby Flat Key Maltby flat key 1901 USA
Maltby Flat Key
St. Louis Worlds Fair
Souvenir Model
Matlby St. Louis 1904 USA
Maltby Flat Key
High Security
Maltby high security 1901 USA
Maltby Flat Key
Three Way
Maltby three way 1901 USA
Maltby Round Key Maltby Round Key 1904 USA
Marine Metal Products Co.
American Munitions Style
Marine Metal Products 1940s USA
Marlin (Daley)
Bottleneck Model 1
Marlin 1 1879 USA
Marlin (Daley)
Bottleneck Model 2
Marlin 2 1910s USA
maruisi 1930s? Japan
Maruisi maruisi 1940s? Japan
Maruisi Maruisi 1950s Japan
Mattatuck Mattatuck 1920s ? USA
Mirror Handcuff
McColl Version
Mirror (original 1904)

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