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Posted by Stan Willis on November 27, 2001 at 12:23:38:

In Reply to: Re: clejuso posted by Klaus on November 27, 2001 at 09:58:27:

I am serious. I'm a collector and not a locksmith or manufacturer. This is a forum for handcuff COLLECTORS. No police daprtment or jail or prison in their right mind in this country (USA) would actually use this stuff. I assume they are used in germany and other countries. It has none of the JIC ratings and testing, which is required for use here. I like cuffs that have or had problems, because they are usually updated after a period of time, and that gives me another variation to collect. Why don't you contact Clejuso and make them aware of the problem? Most regular cuffs can be defeated in some manner by a knowledgable person.
: >> I see on this link that there is a problem with the heavy and medium weight cuffs by this mfg.
: >>

: > I am a US dealer for Clejuso, and the bad guys have not figured out the problems yet.

: Security by obscurity. Deprecated in Computer business. Consider yourself lucky.

: > Police should ALWAYS double lock the cuffs, and this eliminates the problems.

: Are you serious? Did you really look at these photos?
: To exploit this weakness the cuff *has* to be double locked!

: Preferably double locked with the bow swinging freely
: and then one would try to close the cuff forcibly.

: If single locked beyond the first three ratchet positions
: and then double locked, the mechanism is less vulnerable
: as the torque exerted on this die cast piece is much smaller.

: Regards
: Klaus

: P.S. If #13 or #15 are open, in hammering on the ratchet
: one probably could break this die cast piece
: regardless of the position of the double lock.

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