Auctions, and the hazzards of buying&selling collectables

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Posted by Bruce Thomson on July 09, 2001 at 03:18:19:

I was very interested in the debate over e-bay commentaries on the board, and felt that I have to say a few things.
I don't know anyone who collects who hasn't been "burned" at one time or certainly has happened to me more times than I care to think about! I can't criticise those who want to discuss a value durring an auction simply because it only affects the feelings of the auction losers, who feel bad already about not getting thier "prize". I was out of town when an auction closed, I was too confident of having won and got what I deserved - nothing! yes I felt bad about it, but thats how it is. I've paid way too much for some stuff on e-bay because I just had to have it - a momentary loss of common sense that you literaly pay for. I've also won some pretty good deals so I think it eventually averages out.
It is the deliberate deception from buyers or sellers that angers me, as each victim becomes quite bitter and may take some sort of revenge on the next deal.
If not at auctions then at antique/gun/militaria shows, were most damage probably occurs. I bought a nice looking pair of Hiatt darbies that had a bolt cut short so no key would work. Even though I saw this I bought them anyway and shipped them to Ian McCol to see if he could repair them. Why? Because I just didn't want to see them in that state and eventually upset a new collector who might decide that all restraint colectors are dishonest. Ian did a great job on them If I decide to sell them I would need top dollar to break even, but I wont regret it as I stopped one collector who deliberately foisted broken darbies off on his dealer friend (I was told by the dealer WHO sold them to him, along with his comment about how a locksmith could provide a key for them. He reads this message board so I say to him "you should be ashamed!)from ruining the feeling of cameraderie that should be there for anyone entering this or any other collecting area.
Sorry to be so long winded Joe.

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