Re: Saf Lok ---Standard key? What High Security about that?

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Posted by Steve Santini on February 18, 2002 at 22:09:23:

In Reply to: Saf Lok ---Standard key? What High Security about that? posted by Carey Treesh on February 16, 2002 at 12:19:01:

While it is true that Saf Lok cuffs are keyed alike, it is in the workings of the lock that the cuffs are deserving of the "high security" moniker. The security features of this lock are many; 1) The keyway is not straight but is instead "fluted" or "warded". This means that any pick or duplicate key which would attempt to enter to work on the lock would have to be very small or would have to conform to the keyway shape. 2) The cuff has a double set of pins which must be raised in unison to the correct height before the cylinder will turn and open the manacle. This means that the key or picking device must also not only have the correct shape to enter, it must also have the correct cuts to raise and lower the pins 3) The body of the cuff is manufactured in such a strong way that even were someone to be armed with tools, escape would be very unlikely. Unlike modern common North American cuffs, many of which take the same key, the Saf Lok key is restricted and very uncommon to come by. With the many North American "Universal key" cuffs, one can go to a joke or magic shop, buy a copy of the cuff, and get the same key which opens the real deal carried by the cops. Certainly, the same would also apply should someone own a set of Saf Lok cuffs, but, as the Saf Lok cuffs are not common to purchase, and, as there are very few foreign objects which will fit into, let alone open the Saf Lok, the cuff can most certainly be considered maximum security. On the modern North American cuffs the following instruments (among many others) will spring the locks: paper clips, staples, ball point pen refills, bits of wire, safety pins, etc. Try taking any of these to a pair of Saf Loks and you are simply out of luck. The odds of an offender having a duplicate key to a set of Saf Loks is highly unlikely when compared to the likely hood of a person having a hidden tool capable of opening a common set of North American cuffs. That is what is really meant by "high security". Kind regards, Steve Santini.: I was reciently told that all modern Saf Lok cuffs are keyed the same. If this is ture, whats so high secuirty about that?

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