Re: Can anyone tell me how to do the bent-wrist handcuffing technique?

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Posted by Tim1 on July 04, 2002 at 04:04:26:

In Reply to: Can anyone tell me how to do the bent-wrist handcuffing technique? posted by alex on June 30, 2002 at 09:15:20:

Hi, the PPCT system speedcuffing procedure used by many Police agencies in the U.S. today comes pretty close to not allowing any movement of the wrist and keeps the back of the hands together if done properly. I have found the flat folding Hiatt Hinged cuffs to be the most effective for this. I am not a huge fan of Hiatts, but for this type of cuffing they are good. Any of the quality hinge cuffs out there would work but the early Hiatts had such a short distance between the 2 cuffs it made it even more effective. To cuff properly in this manner, you command the subject to place his hands behind his back, palms facing upwards and lean forward. You then grasp the thumb of the right hand and apply the cuff, which are gripped with the hand on the hinged part with both cuffs not blocked from swinging thru, and press it on. You then rotate the cuffed hand downward, putting the left hand right on top of the second cuff, and apply it by pressing up on the wrist. This places both hands facing out, the keyholes facing in. This can be done very quickly and with practice is actually faster than the California style bent arm cuffing technique. It also gives a tremendous tactical advantage should the suspect decide to try and fight after one cuff has been applied. You simply press the cuff forward against his wrist and use his own torque to take a side step, putting him face down on the ground with almost no effort. Never let go of that cuffed wrist though, another reason for grasping the thumb with the left hand while applying the cuffs with the right hand. Hope that helps.

Can anyone tell me how to install handcuffs on a person such that the subjects wrists are bent and the back of the subjects hands are flat against each other? Can this be done in such a way such that it makes it impossible for the subject to allow any movement of the wrist? Does this method require a specific brand of handcuffs? Please explain on this forum...

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