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Posted by Jack Coray on September 06, 2000 at 12:20:31:

In Reply to: Re: Indian Darby's posted by J. Lauher on September 06, 2000 at 06:44:29:

Thank you,
I didn't pay to much for these, in fact
I bought them on ebay where the seller told me
that these cuffs had markings "Union Pacific
CS 21" and "roadway&baggage". When they arrived
in the mail they didn't have these markings at all,
but instead said "India". Have you ever heard of
Handcuffs with these markings on them? I suspect
that the seller didn't get as much from the auction
as he had wished and decided to send me these indian
cuffs in their place. I have written him, questioning
this situation but he has not responed.

I am just getting collecting handcuffs, something I have always
had an interest in since childhood. Could you
recommend some good recources other then ebay?


Jack Coray

: There is actually a very large range to what
: are known as Indian Darby's. First, they don't
: necessarily come from India, it is a term often
: used for any Asian (or even other third world)
: made Darby.

: The quality can vary quite a bit. I have a couple
: examples of very nicely made ones. Solid with good
: craftsmanship. I think they were very legitimately
: used. Despite the quality I have not had to pay much
: money for them because they are plentiful. After all India
: is a very large country. Thousands of them have been
: surplused in recent years. In particular they are easy
: to find in England's antique markets.

: On the other hand there are also newly made very
: cheap Darby style handcuffs that are also flooding
: the antique market today. They are very crude and
: don't look the least bit old. Dealers are
: paying no more than $10 for them. The dealers
: then price them as high as you can imagine. As
: I mention in an earlier remark, last spring I
: bought a pair from one dealer for $17 (he had
: dozens), but I saw the exact same type
: from another dealer for $250. Of course if you
: can sell one at $250 you make more money than
: selling a dozen at $17.

: The one you show in the photo looks pretty standard.
: It does not look as crude as the $17 model I
: mention above, but it does not look particularly
: old either. With a little hunting you can
: certainly find examples like it well under $50.
: It really comes down to how much you like it.

: Joe

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