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Posted by Steve Santini on February 15, 2001 at 02:21:56:

Hi all,
For those interested in handcuffs, iron restraints, and, in general,
many different types of restraints including hospital restraints, I
have just finished a new book titled: "Devices of Human Restraint".
will be a self published book released by our company, Titanic
Concepts Inc. Now I know this is not really the place to advertise,
but I thought that many of you involved in escapology may be
interested in getting the book. It contains over 125 photographs of
diverse restraints from my collection ranging from rare and ancient
medieval items to modern "high security" devices.(it also features
photos and information on many original restraint devices I
have invented and produced for escape artists, and Police and Prison
officials to actually use. Unlike previous restraint books which
feature only handcuffs and/or complicated patent drawings, my new
pictures each restraint, gives a circa (time line) of manufacture
or use, and also mentions the type of lock each device is fitted
(this info should be very handy to the escape crowd). The book is
divided up into the following chapters which each contain a written
preface that outlines the times in which these restraints were made
and used. The book is clean, concise, and not cluttered with overly
complicated and useless information such as when patent rights were
assigned to whom, and/or the histories of the companies which made
items. Chapters included in the book are as follows: "Ancient
restraints and punishment devices", "mass produced antique cuffs and
irons", "modern Police and Prison restraints", "Psychiatric and
hospital restraints", "remakes of classic shackles and irons", and,
finally, "Miscellaneous restraint devices". For those interested in
collecting restraints, the book also contains an explanation of
various manufacturing technologies used in the making of metal
restraints, a glossary of lock and locksmithing related
technical terms, and an updated valuation table giving common sense
price ranges which one could expect to pay for various vintage
restraints. Although this book is not geared specifically for
escapologists, it should be of interest to escapologists because it
describes lock mechanisms and shows those into escapes what sort of
restraints are actually out there. This book has been over 3 years in
the making and will be a soft cover 8 1/2 by 10 inch volume which
be the most comlete volume of it's kind ever written to date. We will
be going to press on this in the next month or two. The book, when
released, will be featured on a new internet site called and will also be offered on Gabriel's
escapology1 web site. Speaking of Gabriel and the Escapology1 web
site, he will, in the very near future, be adding on to his web site
an additional "Steve Santini website" featuring a number of pictures
and articles concerning some of the escapes I have done throughout my
career. For those who like looking at collectible and vintage
handcuffs and leg iron websites, will
pictures and information on over 100 restraints and will also list
information as to what sort of devices one could use to pick and/or
escape from many vintage and modern handcuffs and restraints. Sorry
be so "long winded", but I just thought that the escape community
might be interested to hear what I have been working on and what
vintage articles and photographs from my career may be soon available
to look at and study online. The new book, the pictures and press
from my career, and the handcuffsonline web site should be up and
running within the next month or two. Thank you all in advance for
interest you may have in these projects. All my best, Steve Santini.

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